Friday, 27 January 2017

Career Development

Are you thinking about reviewing where you are with your career and wanting to develop it?
If you are then please do read on.

Early in the year is a good time psychologically to do a  career review. For your own learning and growth as well as to achieve progress in certain areas such as financial, are often good drivers.

How do you go about this?

I provide one tried and tested approach here.

Step 1: Brainstorm your key achievements over the last 18-24 months. Did you set career objectives and to what extent did you achieve those?

Step 2: What are your insights and learnings from these achievements?

Step 3: Have you been focused on the right things over the last 18-24 months in order to achieve your career goals and objectives?

Step 4: What is outstanding from previous objectives set? Perhaps develop an action plan with resources required and timescales to complete these.

Step 5: What are your current goal and career objectives? What is driving these?

Step 6: Develop a plan for the next 18-24 months for your career including actions, resources and timescales.

This 6 step career development review approach will help you to clarify your career direction ad provide you with some motivation and stricture to make it happen.

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Friday, 30 December 2016

New Year, New Job

If you are thinking of making a career change in 2017, please read on.

This post is designed to help you to reflect on your wanting a new career this coming year.

Please reflect on the following questions to help you to ratify your decision to change careers.

What are you looking for in your new career that is either absent or in short supply in your current career?

What skills do you enjoy using that will be optimised in your new career?

What values will your new career satisfy?

Are there any of your top five work values that are unlikely to be satisfied in your new career?

Who will you be working with in your new career and how do you feel about this?

Where will you be working?

When do you plan to make this change?

What actions do you need to take in order to make this happen and when does each action need to be done?

How will you be working? For example, with a clear job description or something more fluid?

Why are you wanting this new career? What will it give you?

Answering these questions honestly will help you to make your final decision.

If you would like support in this process or with your career research or with CV and application writing and interview preparation, please get in touch:

01761 237400

Friday, 11 November 2016

Are you in your 'Best Self' Career?

If you are struggling with your work and wondering 'what if?' I was doing something that was my ideal job, then this post is for you.

Many of us started and some continue in a career/job/profession that we fell into or indeed planned but are now uncomfortable with it. My own career started in something that my parents advised me would be secure and provide a good salary.

All of the research suggests that, almost obviously, those happiest in their work are matched to it with respect to their personality, their beliefs and values and the skills that they are happiest applying. In so doing this could be your 'Best Self' Career.

I suggest that you start by asking yourself the following questions, which are a part of the career diagnostics process that we use at West of England Coaching and Counselling:

- What is your work personality?
- What do you need from your work to feel valued, appreciated, rewarded?
- What do you want at work?
- What would be your ideal work environment? Think in terms of where you are working.
- Who would be your ideal work colleagues and/or clients?
- When would you like to work?
- How would you like to work, for example, with lots of structure or more fluidly, developing new work solutions every week?
- Why are you working?
- What skills are you enjoying using on a daily basis?

The answers to these questions provide a good starting point. If you would like further guidance we would take your answers and add personality diagnostics with psychometric testing to help to complete the picture of what you are looking for.

As always we wish you well on your career journey.

To get in touch for help and support on your career journey please e mail or call us on 01761 237400.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Career Blues?

If you are unhappy in your current career or just curious about whether you are in the best career for you then this post is for you.

You spend so much of your life at work and as life is short it makes sense to pursue the career that fits you best, your personality, what you like doing and what is important to you.

The career guidance offered in education can be helpful if not comprehensive but what if you have been out of education for some time?

If you do not know where to start on your journey to finding your best career then you are in good company. Plus for such an important decision your research needs to be thorough and ideally supported by a career coach.

Here at West of England Coaching and Counselling, we help you on your journey by starting with a robust process of diagnosing your career preferences, based on a number of criteria suggested by research in this field.

One of these criteria is your personality preferences and for this area we focus on psychometric tests that have a high validity level when it comes to career choice. Very often we meet clients whose personalities clash with their organisation's culture and values. The objective is to highlight two or three careers and sectors that are congruent with the way you work and what is important to you.

During career coaching you will gain a great deal of insight into your own personality and what you need in order to feel fulfilled and purposeful.

Following diagnostics we can further assist you by looking at the career requirements of the two or three options highlighted and help you to action plan to address any gaps.

We can further assist you with CV and cover letter structure and content as well as interview preparation.

To discuss your own particular needs please call us on 01761 237400 or e mail