Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Managing Your Stress or Pressure

On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is burnt out and 10 is peacefully calm where are you at work right now?

According to The Guardian survey 93% of public sector workers are stressed some of the time and 9% constantly.

Some of the report's authors blame austerity measures.

Barrie Pirie, president of the Public Sector's People Management Association, said that 'while doing more for less would inevitably increase stress, its important to distinguish stress from pressure and to increase resilience inside organisations.'

Whatever sector you work in pressure is not going to go away. We are @20% less productive than other G7 countries and UK productivity continues to be in the spotlight.

What are you doing to cope with your individual pressures and stress? What are you doing to help your employees to cope, to develop their resilience?

If you would like help to develop appropriate resources, strategies, tactics and tools for stress and pressure management in your workplace or your own as an individual, please get in touch via 01761 237400 or enquiries@westofenglandcoachingandcounselling.co.uk

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Small Business Leadership Coaching

If you are interested in developing a happier workforce who enjoy their work more and so perform at their best please read on.

We are working with people like you right now on two areas of focus

1. Ensuring that their staff have the right direction and support
2. Ensuring that where staff are not performing as required that a plan and actions are in place to address this

When you started your small business you may not have anticipated the impact of leadership direction and management required to be a successful business.

Research shows that where staff are well directed, supported and know what is required of them they are more engaged and perform better.

Where to start?

Firstly spend some time observing staff and noting what specifically they are doing well and what improvements could be made.

Next, speak with staff about

1. What you have seen them doing well - try to find three specific things and tell them the positive impact on the business
2. What you would like them to work on now
3. What you could do to help them to enjoy their work more and perform better.

Then, set aside some time to set clear objectives and specific targets for each of your staff and the team as a whole and share these with them to check understanding.

Where staff do not perform in spite of feedback and training, you need to have open honest and frequent conversations about the consequences of continuing to under perform. ACAS provide robust guidance on stages of disciplinary action which you may find helpful for structure and to meet legal and good practice requirements.

If you would like support with your leadership activities please get in touch via enquiries@westofenglandcoachingandcounselling or call us on 01761 237400.

Friday, 8 May 2015

What are your 'Work Wants?'

This blog is dedicated to you exploring or reviewing what you want from your work.

Research intelligently shows that what you want from your work changes based on where you are in your life generally.

For example, what you want from your life generally is often different at 40 years of age to 20 years of age.

I suggest that you spend a few minutes brainstorming what you want from your work and then scoring 0-10 based on the level that you think you are currently achieving on this at work.

A recent HAYS survey published in People Management, the CIPD magazine, reported that top factors when considering a new role are career development, work-life balance, job security, location, challenge of role/projects and flexible working options.

The point of this exercise is to work towards achieving what you want from your work now. Why? Because life is short and this will help you to feel happier in your work life, which for most of us forms a significant part of our whole life.

Let's say that work-life balance is your top priority right now and that you score it at 4/10.

What is already working that scales 4 rather than 0? In what ways can you build on this?

What score would you like to achieve and could a conversation about the gap be useful with your line manager?

I hope that this blog has generated some good thinking around what you might improve in your work life.

If you would like some support in making changes in your career please get in touch via 01761 237400/enquiries@westofenglandcoachingandcounselling.co.uk

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Why Future Plan My Life?

Do you have a business or career plan? Chances are that you do. But do you have a personal plan? Chances are you do not. Research shows that most of us bumble along in life with no clear direction of travel.

If this is you and you are interested in making a change in this regard please read on.

We review our business plans about three or four times a year to check if we are on track with our annual goals and to incorporate new developments and disruptors emerging.

Our own goals and values change so it makes sense that we plan for our own future. For example, what you want in your twenties is unlikely to be the same as what you want for you personally in your forties.

A typical personal path make take the form of marriage and children but then you get there and you have become a different person who wants something different perhaps.

Perhaps the way to look at your life is to see it in phases and make plans accordingly.

What are the advantages of planning your personal life?

  • Planning [rather than bumbling along] will leave you feeling more in control
  • Widening your perspective to creatively think about what really matters to you and to explore new possibilities
  • Developing your self awareness, understanding what drives you and what you value right now
  • Limiting fear and managing uncertainty helping you to more ably forecast what you will be doing, when, where, with whom and why
I will be blogging more on this topic in future months so look out for those.

In the meantime what about some personal planning in your life? Let us know how you get on.

If you would like help and support with your personal journey please get in touch through www.westofenglandcoachingandcounselling.co.uk or call us on 01761 237400.