Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Thinking About A Change of Career?

If you are currently assessing your happiness and are not happy in your current career you may be considering a career change as one option. If this is you then please read on.

Maybe you are feeling under or over challenged and this is negatively impacting your mental and physical health.

Or is the main reason you are considering your options that you do not feel that you are recognised for your achievements.

Whatever the reason for your career review it helps to plan a way forwards.

Research shows that a key part of work satisfaction and fulfilment aside from providing a realistic challenge and recognition for your achievements is having your key values met - what is important to you. The research shows that if your key values are not met you will not be happy at work and will probably suffer health issues.

For example if a key value is helping people then you may be compromising this value in working for an organisation that could be seem as working against helping people such as a tobacco or fast food provider.

You can start by brainstorming your values without limitation including values outside of your career that could be impacted by your career, such as your health and family.

From your list of values what are your top 3 that you would not compromise on?

I recommend that you now consider what you are interested in that you would consider as a career. Perhaps there are 2-3 areas of interest that you would like to make up a portfolio career.

Next think about which of the areas of interest would meet your top 3 values best.

Further considerations include whether you work for yourself or an existing organisation. If you decide upon the latter, again would you top 3 values be met? Visiting the organisation's web site and offices as well as talking to existing staff can provide insights here.

Rather than waiting for a vacancy to arise in your selected field and organisations, you could provide speculative approaches with a tailored CV and cover letter.

At interview stage it helps to prepare for a competency based interview process. This can be an experience that you have not had or not had for some time and would benefit from support to prepare.

If you would like help with your career transition please do get in touch via or telephone on 01761 237400

Monday, 18 August 2014

Your Individual Coaching for Life Progression?

To help you to decide if individual Coaching would help you to make progress in your life, it may help you to consider the 4 main reasons that people seek out individual Coaching:

1. You need/want to stop doing something. For example, stop taking things very personally, stop focussing on the wrong things or stop missing deadlines!

2. You need/want to do something that you are not currently doing. For example, you want to find ways to switch off from work at will, you want to start selling your services or you want to look for another job!

3. You need/want to feel a certain way in certain scenarios. For example, you want to feel confidence when presenting yourself to others such as in an interview or formal presentation situation.

4. You need/want to do something better. For example, you want to plan better or manage your time or workload better so that you are focussed on the right things to get you the results that you need/want.

Are there things that you are thinking about now that you would like to change?

What do you want to work through?

How do you want to be different?

What is the 1 thing, the number 1 priority for you, that if you changed it for the positive, would have the single biggest positive impact on your life?

How will your life be different when you have made this change?

How are you feeling now?

Motivated to some level I would think.

This is because your mind is already starting to think about the benefits of your making this change.

If you are smart your mind will also be already thinking of ways to help you to make this change.

If you are really self disciplined then you may make these changes on your own.

A coach serves you on a number of levels including giving you support and structure to make changes that it is hard to make alone.

If you would like to find out more about whether individual coaching would help you in your work or personal life please visit us at or call us on 01761 237400.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Becoming a Successful Business Owner

Are you a Business Owner in South West England?
Are you concerned about your business failing in the first 10 years?
If so, please read on.

If your business fails to grow it will most likely fail.

Research shows that 90% of businesses fail in the first 10 years often due to 2 critical factors that interact with each other

1. poor management and leadership resulting in a lack of planning and focusing on the wrong things

2. psychological weaknesses such as confidence/self-belief issues or being conflict averse

In recent CIPD [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development] research, Leadership in SMEs, several key lessons emerged
  • The type and shape of leadership must change as a business grows - what is passionate at the entrepreneurial stage must be formalised. If this does not happen competitive advantage will reduce and the business may fail.
  • Business leaders must act strategically and delegate effectively even if it seems easier to stay hands on.
  • Business owners need to be able to coach to develop staff and grow the business, not direct people with answers.
  • Business owners need to get their customer perspective by looking in at the business, through networks that add value.
  • Staying agile with new solutions is a key capability to stay in business.
A final lesson for business owners is taking time to reflect to ensure that you choose the right direction for your business, a discipline well supported through the coaching process.

We help business owners like you to double, triple and even bigger multiples of your existing revenue, while cutting back your working hours.

We do this by helping you to improve your sales, marketing, leadership and psychological capabilities.

If you are interested we run private one to one 'Rapid Business Growth' sessions so that we can find out more about you, your business and see if we can help you.

You will leave the session with 3 additional outcomes:

1. A crystal clear vision of your ultimate business success
2. Clarity on hidden challenges that may be slowing down your business growth
3. Feeling re-energised and inspired to enjoy your business vision

If you would like to book your one to one session please get in touch via

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Business Owners Rapid Growth Coaching

Are you a business owner who wants to grow your business whilst containing or even reducing your working hours?
Is your business based in the South West? If so then please read on as West of England Coaching and Counselling wants to help you to reach the next level in your business.

This blog outlines the approach we use to help you to improve your results, most notably your bottom line whilst containing or reducing your working hours so that you continue to love what you do rather than being a slave to it.

We start with a complimentary 'Rapid Business Growth Coaching Session' with the outcome of helping you to achieve something tangible for your business and you straight away. This is often based on a priority and an intractable problem that you have been grappling with for some time. For example, a conversation with a customer about fees or one of your team that you know you should have because there is a performance issue but have been resisting. Perhaps you have an action that you decided you would take but haven't yet or a problem that is still at problem stage. Whatever the issue, we will work on it together and start to make progress.

The first meeting is an opportunity to start building our relationship as client and coach resulting in a coaching agreement including your coaching objectives, our code of ethics and agreed timings and fees. The coaching agreement exists to boundary our relationship and can be renegotiated by either party.

The coaching session following the initial meeting will be focused on your vision. Research shows that we have a tendency to be problem focused and that this tendency helps us to stay stuck in the problem. The problem may even become bigger as we analyse all of the 'what ifs' around that problem and ahead of that problem sometimes called 'negative forecasting'. What if we cannot cover our business costs? We would have to let staff go. Would we want to revert to a two person band? Should we sell the business? All this catastrophising is unnecessary. Unconsciously we are suddenly guilty of planning a route that we do not need to take. Yes sometimes businesses fail. Often, however, if spotted early enough there are better solution focused choices to make based on sound, realistic decision making.

Once we have a vision that you are passionate about, the next or subsequent session is focused on developing a strategic plan with a realistic time scale to work towards your vision. We build your commitment to your vision through two exercises that help you to visualise what is required and at the same time fine tune your plans. Along with coach validation these exercises will help you to feel your future like it is happening now. This helps your brain to motivate you to come up with more ideas and to get on with your action plan. We move at your pace so the number of sessions required does vary.

During your coaching sessions we will identify skills you require to close the gap between where you are now and your vision along with the best external environment for you to work in. There may be also aspects of your own psychology that you want to fine tune say to build your confidence or self-belief.

We will review your progress against your action plan and review your objectives as well as your vision to ensure that you are on track. For example, if the coaching time line agreed is three months we may decide to meet six times in the three months for one hour and have three reviews, one at the end of each month. Experience shows that over time new information arises that may impede your plan or open up new opportunities for you. The reviews help to adjust actions so that they are appropriate now.

Let's schedule a Rapid Business Growth Coaching Session so I can find out more about your business and see if I can help you.

You may want to speak with one of my clients before you start working with me to ask questions that you would only want a business owner who has been coached to answer. This can be arranged.

You can get in touch with me via and we can set up time to talk.