Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Are you Stressed?

If you are suffering executive stress then you are not alone. Please read on.

Executive psychological health is under increasing strain.

We know that the majority of executives rarely report their stress, often ignore it and do not do anything positive to address it.

We also know that executives are more likely to self-medicate with alcohol or food, rather than do healthy habits instead such as exercise or meditation.

Stress is not something that executives talk openly about in the workplace. However, I am finding that my clients do share their stress at their coaching sessions. This means that we can start to address it.

Image management and ego are two key reasons why executives may not admit to stress being an issue. We are encouraged to project a strong self-image and that stress is 'for wimps'.

Your coaching session may be the only place where you are comfortable to unburden yourself of your stressors and safe in the knowledge that you will not be judged negatively for it.

Through honest meaningful discussion about the triggers, resources, support and tools to address it we can reduce your stress at least to manageable levels. These can also help you to be proactive so they are there for you at times of stress.

If you are suffering from stress it is a good idea to discuss this with your GP.

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Monday, 12 January 2015

A New Career for 2015?

If you are thinking about the possibility of a new career then read on...

Before you take the plunge it helps to undertake some analysis.

What form could this analysis take such that you are confident with your decision?

The approach that I would recommend, with or without our help is to consider 3 key areas as follows

1. Your personality preferences

2. Your drivers or motivators principally what is important to you about the work that you do

3. Skills that you have or are committed to developing, that you enjoy/know that you would enjoy using

For 1. we use a number of personality instruments. You can start the process off yourself through sites such as Authentic Happiness. These tools help to determine how you like to live and work.

For 2. we use a number of tools including Dilts Logical Levels. You can examine what is important to you at work starting with a brainstorm and then prioritising your list.

For 3. we conduct a diagnostic to understand where you are now and where you want to be in terms of skills used in your career. You can consider which skills you have that you enjoy and tailor your CV accordingly. You can consider those skills that you want to develop and then assess the ways to develop these such as through self development or a course.

I hope that this blog has given you some food for thought and that you will take action.

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Setting your Goals and Objectives for 2015

Do you want to achieve certain things in 2015? If so this post is for you.

We are by our nature goal oriented so your setting goals to achieve certain things is natural and normal.

Research shows that if we set balanced goals and achieve them this helps to raise our confidence and self-esteem.

What are balanced goals?

For a start, balanced goals aim to achieve something for work, you personally and you socially.

Goals are broad statements of intent e.g. 'I will change my career in 2015 or I will lose weight in 2015 or I will join a new social group'.

Objectives will move you to the next level of detail. To help you to achieve your objectives you will do well to follow the SMART acronym:


Also writing down and referring to your goals and objectives regularly will help you to achieve them.

For example, from 'I will change my career in 2015' your objective could be 'I will work with a career coach from January to March 2015 to determine what career/s would suit me best and then tailor my CV to apply to x, y, z organisations in Bristol. I aim to be in my new career by 1.9.15.'

Or, from 'I will lose weight in 2015' your objective could be 'I will join weight watchers in January 2015 and do 3 workouts at the gym for an hour a time from 1.2.15. My target weight is 10 stone.'

Or from 'I will join a new social group' your objective could be 'I will trial Bristol social solos, my local skittles group and the rowing club before deciding which to join and attend once a week from March 2015 to meet new people'.

We hope that you enjoy setting and achieving your 2015 goals and objectives.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The 6 Wise Men Approach to Self Coaching

Are you looking for a tool or technique to help you to achieve a happier more balanced life?

As it's Christmas and with a bit of a twist on the traditional 3 wise men Christmas theme, I am reminding you of some other wise men, 6 of them.

  1. What do you love doing such that when you are doing it you feel good? This may be particular skills such as helping another person to learn something or playing a team sport or tending your garden and watching it grow or spending time with a loved one. The idea is to do more of what you love in your day
  2. Who are you doing it with?
  3. Where are you doing it?
  4. How are you doing it? is there a particular approach that you enjoy taking or making?
  5. When are you doing it?
  6. Why are you doing it? What is fulfilling/important/meaningful to you about this activity?
That's our Christmas gift to you, an exercise that we hope will be useful. Let us know how you get on and tell us if you would like help and support in achieving the changes that you want to make in 2015, through or 01761 237400