Friday, 24 July 2020

Career Review

If lockdown has created shifts in your thinking about your career then this blog is for you.

Perhaps time spent at home has shifted your priorities and thinking about your existing role and other options.

For example, if home working is a viable option in your career, perhaps you are thinking that you could cast your career net wider in terms of business base. Travelling distance for say one or two days a week may be feasible for you within this home dominating business model.

You may have saved more money than usual due to less travelling and homemade lunches. Could you follow a calling that may pay less than your old role, managing due to lower outgoings?

Lockdown has surpassed the ninety day guideline for how long it takes to change habits. I was reading in the news that approximately sixty percent of Americans will not be returning to their old gym routine, having found cheaper on-line or no cost alternatives such as walking and gardening.

Businesses are likely to be more receptive to home working where this works and can potentially reduce costs through say less building space.

Perhaps you have itchy feet but no calling yet or are unsure where you would be happiest in a career. The majority spend so much time at work so it makes sense that we enjoy it most of the time. Life is short...

At West of England Coaching and Counselling we specialise in career transition. Your coaching and counselling typically begins with a career diagnostic. This is a transformative process, looking at your work personality, skills preferences and values and aligning these with a few career options. If you have never undertaken such an assessment, maybe your time is now.

We also help you with acquiring skills necessary for a career move such as confidence and motivation. Helping you to present your best CV and interview capability is also on offer.

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Sunday, 24 May 2020

Think Smarter...

We are all leaders in one context or more. If you want to improve your leadership this blog is for you.

Adair, a leadership guru, argues that "to act is easy, to think is hard, thinking needs to dominate for leadership development and results". How many times have you found yourself acting quickly only to regret it?

When we are told something a new mental map is rarely created and we often experience this as with a threat response. When we think about an issue in depth, we do create a new mental map.

An expert coach will ask you clean, incisive questions not give you brain clouding opinions. An expert coach-mentor will wait until you have exhausted all of your own thinking and asked them for your perspective before giving you advice.

The same experts will provide you with a confidential space where you are not judged, help you to normalise your vulnerabilities and feel less burdened by your anxiety. Your emerging awareness will help you to process your thoughts, explore a number of perspectives and response strategies.

They will both support and challenge you in your pursuit of courageous goals and transformational change including helping you to live the values and beliefs that will help you to achieve what you want.

In essence, talking things out and through in conversation with a coach-mentor expert opens up places in your mind for you to gain more insights and feel more secure.

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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Personal Development by Walking

If you like to get the best results you can and stay safe then this post is for you.

Here at West of England Coaching & Counselling we are blessed with stunning outdoor grounds.

Stanford University studies found that 100% of those who walked outdoors were more creative than those sitting indoors.

Dr John Ratey, of Harvard Medical School explains "Exercise is a prime mover of the brain helping it to deal with emotional ups and downs as well as anxiety, tension, stress and help the brain function better. The more we exercise the better our brain gets, the more focused we can be and the smarter we are."

Added Value Benefits to you are

  •  You can have silent thinking reflecting solutions finding time as walking slows your pace
  •  Without the social pressure of eye contact your thinking can flow uninterrupted and you can gain extra insights
  •  The informality of walking is relaxing. Calm, your brain is free to do its best thinking
  •  The side by side approach allows you to fall in sync and develop a supported partnership connection with your guide.
Our offices provide the requisite 2m/6ft space between coach and client if you prefer to work indoors or if it is raining hard! We also provide virtual coaching and mentoring and counselling.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Self-improvement through lockdown and challenges ahead

This blog is for you if you want to cope better through current and future challenges.

I have pulled together my 5 top tips that will help you to ride the ups and downs in your world.

1. The starting point is to improve your serenity, your calmness. Focus on changing the things that you can and letting go of or accepting the things that you cannot. For example, what personal changes can you achieve, baby steps, this week? One of my clients is spending some of the time she used to spend on social media, on moving! She chooses what this is, dependent on her mood. I like it. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for our health and wellbeing.

2. To help you to cope better what resources can you draw on? Start by identifying people you know who listen well, make you feel good about yourself, help you to organise things and solve problems. Connecting with positive can do people is good for your health and wellbeing.

3. A well-known tool for helping you to be calmer is to put a boundary around worry time. For example, you allocate yourself twenty minutes each day at a set time to worry, say 6-6.20pm. If you find yourself worrying outside of this time you put it to one side in your mind or note it down so that you remember it during the boundary period at the end of which you stop.

4. Giving to others is another good practice feel good/wellbeing practice that self-esteemed individuals use. Giving the gift of time I recommend. It costs nothing and is very rewarding.

5. Create a couple of calm practices in your day that you can do alone. One idea is starting the day with a positive affirmation that calms you, such as "today I will smile and be kind to myself and others". Another idea is to be mindful, just for the day, experiencing what you do through your senses rather than rushing through the day, slowing down.

West of England Coaching and Counselling provides coaching, counselling and mentoring for busy professionals who value the guidance and support of a trusted advisor. You can get in touch via our website www.westofenglandcoachingandcounselling, that gives e mail and telephone details.