Sunday, 12 June 2011

Detox Your Mind with Positive Thinking

Positive thinking about the past, present and future improves your quality of life - suddenly everything seems easier, calmer, better somehow.

So what are the keys to thinking positively about the past, present and future?

In terms of the past, aim to focus on the good things that have happened to you and on the good things that you have achieved - for example, an adventure with friends, your children or passing an exam.

In terms of the future, practise visualising the life that you want. What resources do you already have that you could use to achieve this life? What resources do you need to acquire?

In terms of the present, we can increase our positivity by simply smiling and increasing our awareness of the wonderful things around us.

Whenever anything goes wrong or is annoying aim to find 3 ways to make it positive. For example, I miss the train and will be late for work:
  1. I will phone my boss and tell them when to expect me
  2. I will shop for dinner until the next train is due
  3. I will cook my partner a lovely dinner as a treat

I catch the next train and feel good.

Finally, a gratitude and achievement journal is a great way to stay positively focused.

Simply record in writing each day 3 things about your life and surroundings that you are greatful for in the morning and in the evening 3 things you have achieved.

For example, in the AM:
  • I am grateful for the smell of coffee as I wake
  • I am grateful for feeling well
  • I am grateful for my child for making me laugh

And then in the PM:
  • I sorted out all my paperwork
  • I went to the gym for an hour and had amazing sauna afterwards
  • I caught up with colleagues for lunch at the new bistro

Over time your brain will prompt you to think about what you are grateful for and what you might achieve and have achieved before you are consciously aware of it.

Please let feel free to pass on your comments on this blog? Has it inspired you at all?

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