Friday, 15 July 2011

Could Coaching Improve Your Life?

What have you done for you lately?

Perhaps you are a leader / manager in an organisation and have significant changes to lead and manage moving forwards in a challenging economic climate.

I think it may be helpful to you to explain the most common areas that I provide coaching for so that you can decide if coaching might be helpful to you now.

About 40% of clients have or are about to take on a new role - often with a transformational / change remit requiring upskilling in a number of areas often related to communication, such as influencing, negotiating and delegating as well as requiring them to act as a confidential sounding board for ideas and decisions.

About 30% experience challenging personal and work issues resulting in symptoms such as stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and low confidence.

I help clients to understand how their mind works providing them with a number of tools they can immediately use to gain quick and lasting relief and results.

About 20% feel stuck or at a crossroads in their career, not knowing what path to take to achieve the life they want.

I help these clients to articulate clear goals and objectives, to move at their pace, to be inspired and to achieve their purpose in life.

The standard programme I offer involves six sessions over six months - though some cients prefer a session every every second or third month whilst they still have challenges and goals.

For every client-coaching relationship the objective is to help you to achieve better outcomes, more smoothly and quicker than would be the case on your own.

I would really like to help you to sky rocket your life so please visit our website at West of England Coaching and Counselling where you can book a Complimetary 'Better Work Results Today' Session session.

As an added bonus, I am currently offering website visitors 'The Ultimate Relationship Building Workbook' which contains tips, tools, strategies and techniques which I have successfully applied over two decades in business.

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