Friday, 2 March 2012

What Does Business Coaching 'Do' For People?

Are you thinking about contacting someone about business coaching and want to know a bit more about what this kind of support will likely do for you?

I was motivated to write this blog by a new client who said that such a blog would have helped him to decide to start working with an executive coach sooner.

The truth is, the kind of support provided by any kind of coaching depends on what you want to achieve from the process.

Every case is different but here are some examples of what business coaching can do for individuals, their businesses and their careers:

Most of my clients who are senior executives - including MDs, directors, business owners, senior clinicians, department heads and senior managers - like to use my business coaching as a confidential sounding board for their ideas.

In fact, they come to rely on me as a confidante who they can debate and discuss things with and be challenged on issues where necessary.

I frequently use my own experience of operating in senior corporate roles to provide 'wise counsel' (a client's words - not my own) and advice when requested.

I also always look to help individuals think through what they specifically want, view their options and assess the plans they have put in place to achieve their goals.

Some clients see me for  career coaching where we work together to help them into the career move they're looking for through a process which involves assessing the skills they enjoy using the most and - in some cases  - directly approaching target organisations.

Many clients also use business coaching to help them to gain in confidence for a particular challenge, reduce their anxiety and alleviate any negative introspection or forecasting which might be holding them back

The feedback I receive from clients can also be used to help answer the original question posed in this post - 'What Does Business Coaching 'Do' For People?' - and here are some examples:
  • 'Coaching really helped me to raise my game through raising my confidence levels'
  • 'Coaching helps me to learn new and better ways of doing business'
  • 'Reflecting with my coach helps me to think about new ways of approaching organisational effectiveness'
  • 'My coach helped me to improve all of my key work relationships'
  • 'Coaching helped me to achieve my goals quicker and easier than on my own'
  • 'As a lone director, my coach provides an essential resource to air and discuss ideas with'
  • 'I'm supporting my CEO - I needed a coach to give me support'
  • 'Coaching helped me to radically change my thinking - I am now realistic, positive and able to put things into perspective'
  • 'Working with a coach is like having a rudder on my boat helping me to navigate the rough waters'
If you're interested in coaching, it's a good idea to talk to people who have or are currently undergoing business coaching and I can put you in touch with these people if you want to take the first step towards taking on a business coach.

So, if you have an appetite for making changes through business coaching, career coaching or executive coaching and have any questions before you embark on this journey then please do get in touch with us via our website at West of England Coaching and Counselling.


  1. A coach should certainly give a business a lift and make a business look hard at where things can improve and become more efficient. A coach must also point out where things are not going too well and help the business find a way to improve this.

    Sometimes a coach can help by looking at rival businesses and taking on board their sucesses and failures, this will help a business be a little less emotional about the changes they need to make in house and in essense put all the staff in the owners chair for a while. Giving all staff the view of what would you do? How would you make improvements? What changes would you make? helps them to realise what needs to happen and will impact positively to get everyone behind improving a business.

    A coach may seem to be an expensive outlay in terms of time and money but the long term gains are great. If you improve on efficiency, gain direction and even an advantage over competitors then it must be worth while.

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    * Coaching really helped me to raise my game through raising my confidence levels'
    * Coaching helps me to learn new and better ways of doing business'
    * My coach helped me to improve all of my key work relationships'
    * Coaching helped me to achieve my goals quicker and easier than on my own'

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