Thursday, 21 June 2012

Do you want greater wellbeing?

This blog shares with you some great tips for how to immediately increase your sense of well being.

The best goal for improving your sense of well being is mindfulness where you are aware of and responsive to the here and now.

You can cultivate this sense of well being through meditation.

You can cultivate this in other ways such as going for a walk and being aware of your breath, the smells on your walk, the sounds, through touching things en route, the sights and even the taste of the air.

Whilst on your walk you can think of five things that you are grateful for in that moment. For example, that you are able to walk at all, could be something that you are grateful for.

The Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, said that 'we walk ourselves into a state of wellbeing'.

Walking helps your breathing, boosts your circulation, tones your muscles and builds your bones. Your coordination and balance improve and a quick turn can burn as many calories as something that you would regards as a higher performing activity such as cycling.

Walking can work for you on many levels not just meeting your need or want to exercise.

You can choose a route that puts you in touch with the world. Is there a scenic route that you enjoy? Travelling by foot leads to awareness and you see much more this way than say jogging and cycling.

You can watch other people - the fast, the slow, people at ease and others looking down.

On your own you can daydream happily or plan or reflect on your day and often walking gives you creative ideas about what to do.

You can walk with someone and talk through goals, problems...

Even if you do not have much time you can incorporate walking into your working day by walking to work or during a break.

If you walk with the aim of increasing your well being and it helps you please let me know and do get in touch about your other wants and needs through

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