Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Are you Time Poor?

If you never seem to have enough hours in the day and feel stressed most days this blog is for you.

Take a step back.

What is your outcome?

What are you wanting to be, have, do?

Can you create a picture or a story board for what your 'best life' would look like?

What results are you getting then, in your professional and personal life?

There are three key areas to time planning

1. Setting goals and objectives - deciding what has to be done to achieve your 'best life' vision

2. Prioritising - deciding what order the activities should be done

3. Delegation - deciding who should complete the goals and objectives

Goals are broad statements of your desired results.

An objective helps you to achieve your goal, is specific, measurable and time bound.

To achieve an objective you have to complete an action plan of activities. The more valuable the activity to you achieving your objective the higher the priority.

If you are doing tasks that do not help you to achieve your objective, goal and vision then you have to question why you are doing it.

Taking tasks out of your day that do not help you to achieve your vision will help to give you more time.

Clearly there may be a transition period because you have some daily routines that you have to do for now. Is there some of your daily routine that you can delegate, even small things like emptying the bins, delegated to a child, may help.

However you need to be disciplined in moving away from low enjoyment tasks and towards higher enjoyment activities that help you to be, do and have what you want in your life.

If you find your time constantly interrupted - if it not urgent - do not allow the interruption. Tell them when you will see them and make a note of what it concerns. Be tough but also sensitive.

Some of my clients set times during the day when they can be interrupted; others hide when they have a set piece of work to do.

Do let me know if this blog has been useful to you and how.

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