Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Want to be more successful at work?

Do you want to feel more successful at work and get out of bed really looking forward to work?

When we lack the precise capabilities required to do our job well it can feel like pushing treacle uphill especially where there are people to be managed and tasks to get done on time and to the standards required by our customers, clients and other stakeholders.

Whether you are a new line manager or an established senior manager you will have gaps in your people management skills.

For example, you might be moving from a more administrative role to a management and influencing role.

Perhaps you need to establish an effective working relationship with a new direct report with whom there has been tension in the past or with a new line manager.

Perhaps you need to build your confidence and assertiveness in order to deliver results through others.

Your working environment has doubtless become more pressured and so prioritisation, delivery and your ability to influence have become crucial to your success and your feeling in control.

I think that it is only through your identifying your precise objectives and outputs that you can establish your precise input requirements ie what you need to be able to do to achieve them.

This is a good starting point for your self-coaching.

The likelihood is that this will indicate a number of interventions so that you can put the necessary inputs in place.

For example, to deliver results through others there may be a need for you to ensure that your diverse team runs harmoniously. Conflict resolution skills including different modes for handling conflict would be an example of an intervention to help you to achieve this objective.

Working with a good business coach can help you to pinpoint your precise requirements so that you can work on these specifics.

We tend to 'let ourselves off the hook' if we coach ourselves whereas having a supportive and challenging coach that will follow up your actions set often means that you will be stimulated to move forwards.

If you want to move forwards quicker and easier than you have experienced to date you could decide to attend an initial consultation with us which will get you started on your new brighter path.

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