Friday, 16 November 2012

Are you as successful as you could be?

If you are looking to improve your results at work or home then do read on.

The truth is that we are all learning until the day we die.

What do you know about yourself or from feedback that you could do to improve your results at home and/or in your personal life?

You can start by making a short list through brainstorming.

Then prioritise your list.

What is the one area that your working on would have the largest impact on your results?

Once you have the priority key area you are ready to get to work.

What would be your ideal outcome in this area?

Aim to write this as a goal for example 'I am able to re-prioritise my work each week to spend time on activities that help me to reach my goals by 31.12.12'.

What can you do in the next month, week and day to take small steps to achieve your goal?

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment.

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