Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Happiness For Pessimists

If you regard yourself as more pessimistic than optimistic and have felt that trying to be more cheerful rarely works then read on.

This short blog includes three key tips that will help you to move forward feeling acknowledged despite not being the naturally cheerful one.

Some studies have shown that self help affirmations involving the repetition of short phrases such as 'I am loveable' actually made the participants with low self-esteem feel worse.

The challenge for the more pessimistic person is to avoid negatively introspecting about the past and negatively forecasting the future.

Tip 1: Aim to focus more on today and enjoy what you are doing now whatever that is.

Tip 2: The other key behaviour is to put things in perspective. Will what is upsetting you now matter in a year's time?

Tip 3: Perhaps you could also tell yourself that when things don't always turn out well [which we can guarantee will happen sometimes] that you will have the resources to cope.

Perhaps you will start to work on your self-esteem or confidence so that you feel armed for difficulties.

No one experiences happiness all of the time as there are always downs as well as ups in life.

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