Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Becoming a Successful Business Owner

Are you a Business Owner in South West England?
Are you concerned about your business failing in the first 10 years?
If so, please read on.

If your business fails to grow it will most likely fail.

Research shows that 90% of businesses fail in the first 10 years often due to 2 critical factors that interact with each other

1. poor management and leadership resulting in a lack of planning and focusing on the wrong things

2. psychological weaknesses such as confidence/self-belief issues or being conflict averse

In recent CIPD [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development] research, Leadership in SMEs, several key lessons emerged
  • The type and shape of leadership must change as a business grows - what is passionate at the entrepreneurial stage must be formalised. If this does not happen competitive advantage will reduce and the business may fail.
  • Business leaders must act strategically and delegate effectively even if it seems easier to stay hands on.
  • Business owners need to be able to coach to develop staff and grow the business, not direct people with answers.
  • Business owners need to get their customer perspective by looking in at the business, through networks that add value.
  • Staying agile with new solutions is a key capability to stay in business.
A final lesson for business owners is taking time to reflect to ensure that you choose the right direction for your business, a discipline well supported through the coaching process.

We help business owners like you to double, triple and even bigger multiples of your existing revenue, while cutting back your working hours.

We do this by helping you to improve your sales, marketing, leadership and psychological capabilities.

If you are interested we run private one to one 'Rapid Business Growth' sessions so that we can find out more about you, your business and see if we can help you.

You will leave the session with 3 additional outcomes:

1. A crystal clear vision of your ultimate business success
2. Clarity on hidden challenges that may be slowing down your business growth
3. Feeling re-energised and inspired to enjoy your business vision

If you would like to book your one to one session please get in touch via