Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Is Leadership Coaching for You?

You may have been considering the question is leadership coaching for me and/or a member of my team.

What is leadership coaching, when might I use it, what are its pros and cons are four good questions to ask yourself during your deliberations.

What is it?

Coaching focuses on personal development. It is about setting goals and using techniques and tools to help to achieve those goals.

When to use it?

Coaching is great for developing strengths and addressing weaker areas of behaviour through skills development too. I also use it to help my clients to develop helpful beliefs and values and work towards a sense of identity.

It is important to grasp that we all have strengths and weaknesses, that we carry on learning throughout our lives and experiences.

What are the pros of coaching?

My clients tell me that the greatest pro is specific individually tailored huge amount of learning.

What are the cons of coaching?

For me, if coaching is the appropriate vehicle for development then there are no cons.

However, coaching does involve being challenged with sometimes difficult questions to answer that might be uncomfortable for some leaders.

Most sponsors of coaching would do well to emphasise the vast benefits of coaching to their leaders whilst preparing them for the challenging questions that are part of coaching. I would suggest that you reflect on that.

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