Friday, 10 April 2015

Invest in You

If you feel or think that you would benefit from personal development but this is not something that your employer will invest in, please read on.

Whilst coaching and counselling is increasingly being supported financially by employers, especially for senior leaders, this is not always the case and may not be available to you.

Before you forget about the option of investing some of your hard earned money in you, please think on.

We are prepared to invest our money in a lot of things and yet research shows that the best things in life are not things at all, including a big house, an expensive car and designer clothes.

Rather the best things in life are experiences that include at least some personal development.

You may have watched the recent Bear Grylls series and been impressed by some of the famous individuals who took part.

The chances are that you were not impressed by their fame but rather by their attitude and behaviours in the face of some significant challenges.

In particular I admired the humbleness of Mike Tindall and the unrelenting positive influence of Vogue Williams.

Interestingly, with increasing maturity when we are asked to think about our personal selves we think and speak and are interested in others less about what we own and more about who we are as people and the experiences we have had such as our friendships with others and fears that we have overcome.

I think that it is good to invest in your physical health by exercising your body and eating healthily. What do you think? What are your actions here?

What about investing in your mind, most notably how you think?

Is your thinking helping you to live your best self life or not?

If not you may consider very seriously investing in you.

You could start with exploring self development through reading etc.

If you would like a steer in the best books to read for your goals or would like to know the best tools to use or would like support in your development journey, we can help.

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