Friday, 17 April 2015

Why do you need or want coaching?

If you find yourself feeling that you have had the same goals for some time but have not moved forwards towards achieving them or too slowly, then read on.

Even in our work we sometimes avoid setting goals and objectives and very often if this is not a requirement enforced upon us!

In our personal lives, most people bumble along without planning their personal objectives in life.

Research shows that this is mostly because we are focused on either surviving, being secure or achieving pleasure now. These drivers do not encourage us to be objective and plan for what we want and need in our lives.

If you are frustrated and ready to change all this then coaching can help you to get clear on your direction of travel and to formulate an action plan to achieve what you want and need.

Coaching will also help you to identify the resources including skills that you will need in order to achieve your plan.

At West of England Coaching and Counselling, the coaching process includes another dimension which is to help you to master your psychology.

This area is one that often keeps us bumbling along, our lack of confidence, for example, keeps us stuck where we are.

I will be blogging on this topic for some time so please look out for future posts.

In the meantime if you are serious about change and would like support plus some constructive challenge, please get in touch by sharing what you would like to achieve, through


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  2. Everyone in this World needs coaching but the thing is, on which matter they need coaching i.e business coaching, career related coaching, motivational etc.