Friday, 8 May 2015

What are your 'Work Wants?'

This blog is dedicated to you exploring or reviewing what you want from your work.

Research intelligently shows that what you want from your work changes based on where you are in your life generally.

For example, what you want from your life generally is often different at 40 years of age to 20 years of age.

I suggest that you spend a few minutes brainstorming what you want from your work and then scoring 0-10 based on the level that you think you are currently achieving on this at work.

A recent HAYS survey published in People Management, the CIPD magazine, reported that top factors when considering a new role are career development, work-life balance, job security, location, challenge of role/projects and flexible working options.

The point of this exercise is to work towards achieving what you want from your work now. Why? Because life is short and this will help you to feel happier in your work life, which for most of us forms a significant part of our whole life.

Let's say that work-life balance is your top priority right now and that you score it at 4/10.

What is already working that scales 4 rather than 0? In what ways can you build on this?

What score would you like to achieve and could a conversation about the gap be useful with your line manager?

I hope that this blog has generated some good thinking around what you might improve in your work life.

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