Thursday, 12 November 2015

Why Career Coaching could help you?

A client of mine told me yesterday that she had a friend who was depressed and had told her, 'what's the point? You work then you die. Where is the joy in that?'

I immediately felt sad. My first thoughts were around 'what is she missing in her life e.g. time spent with family or on hobbies/passions?'

My deeper thoughts centred on the fact that a good part of most of an individuals waking life is spent on work. I presupposed that the individual was not enjoying their work.

I have philosophised in earlier blogs that 'life is short'. If you accept this, are you spending your time the way you want to, especially when it comes to work, something most individuals do a lot of?

If you are not enjoying your work, what is stopping you from changing it?

Many of my clients arrive at my door years after first considering changing their job/career, citing rationalisations such as fear of change, fear of not earning enough or lack of energy to act.

There are a number of stages to making a change and motivation is a key part of these stages.

We know that it is hard to make changes on your own, especially when it seems easier to maintain the status quo. This is true whatever the change...'I will start the diet tomorrow...I will change my career when I have the energy'. It really is a vicious circle. Unhappiness in our job/career can lead to comfort eating can lead to depression.

A good career coach can help you on your new path.

A structured process starting with a thorough diagnostic including your personality preferences with an occupational psychologist, with career coach skills and empathy, will help you to get what you want from your career.

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