Monday, 16 May 2016

Your Work Values are what?

If you are interested in finding and working in the job of your dreams then this post is for you.

Research suggests that the most important work values to you are:
  • a level of challenge appropriate to you
  • meaning
  • fulfilment
  • feel excited to go to and be at your work
  • happy
The time to explore your options to achieve your values is when you are relatively calm and positive.
However, many people seek a career or job change when they are exhausted and rather desperate.

Something else that research suggests is that a high percentage of people live within invisible borders set by themselves or others, driven largely by fear.

My advice is simple. Do not stay in a role that is not good enough for you, where the best parts are your end of month pay cheque followed by the end of your working week because it is all over for a couple of days if you are lucky.

A lot of people I meet and work with who are happy do not let fear drive their decisions as much as others.

As well as the allure of happiness in your work, please be aware of the negative effects of being unhappy in your work. At least a quarter of us is said to be affected by mental health problems, working long hours and glued to our phones. Stress, anxiety and depression now make up at least one in five GP visits.

If you would like help addressing your fears of striking out with your career and for help in diagnosing the perfect career and role for your personality, likes and values, please get in touch via or by calling 01761 237400.