Saturday, 30 July 2016

Vacation Career Review

If you think that you may want to change your career direction and have a period of work leave approaching please read on.

Most of us find that work takes up some of our thoughts whilst on leave and resolve to change something about it upon return.

Being at distance from your work often allows your mind to think through work issues and resolve to improve your current work situation or to transition to something new.

Being on leave with time and space away from colleagues and bosses to think often helps to come up with a clear plan.

I suggest that you ask yourself some questions in five areas to help you with this exercise.

1. What is my current work reality? For example what are my likes and dislikes? How do I feel on Sunday night? What would I miss if I left? What can I/not change?
Research suggests that the key reasons people decide to change their careers is due to factors outside their control or influence including dissatisfaction with their line manager or the culture of the organisation. Getting real about why you want to change jobs helps you to avoid repeating the same mistakes or moving to a similar environment.

2.What do I want and value about work? For example what is important to me about my work? what do I need to have from my work to feel happy and fulfilled?

3. What do I have to offer that is transferable to a new job? For example, what tasks do I enjoy doing or skills I enjoy using? What am I passionate about? What am I good at? What experiences and learning have made me who I am? What are my top three skills? What is unique about me? Ask people you respect and trust to help you with this and start thinking about career or role options that attract you.

4. My other resources. Who is in my network that could help me? Who is in the fields that I am interested in? Note down the names of your contacts to get in touch with when you return.

5. My outline plan. This can be something that you have some fun with and will review on return. Taking the pressure off helps you to think more clearly. For example, what is my career goal now? When do I want this? Who can help me? What additional skills or qualifications do I need and what are my options to get them? What will happen when I achieve this goal? What difference will that make? Why am I doing this? For example, to give my work life meaning and purpose.

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