Friday, 11 August 2017

Career Change Procrastination

If you are often telling yourself that you want to change careers but never do, please read on.

You could be a career change procrastinator creating your own barriers to finding your fulfilling career.

In this blog I provide three key tips for overcoming some of the procrastinating thinking.

1. You may believe that a fulfilling career is not out there for you. The truth is that we all have certain gifts, skills and talents. With the right mind set, tools and support, you can achieve it. I suggest that you start by doing some self-development around believing in yourself and asking people who know you well what they see as your gifts, skills and talents. Ask them for some specific examples of these in terms of what you have done that they have observed and record their comments. Update your CV with your 3 key skills.

2. You may be putting off finding a fulfilling career because sometimes your work day is not so bad and 'they pay me well'. I would like to remind you that doing work that fulfils you will provide you with rewards other than money. You may find that setting and adhering to a budget due to a lower salary is of little sacrifice.

3. You may be saying for one reason or another that 'now is not the right time'. My clients tell me that they have never found the right time to change careers. They took action because there is no right time and life is short...

I sincerely hope that you move forwards in your career journey.
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