Friday, 20 May 2011

Work Life Balance

We hear the term work-life balance a lot - of course it means different things to people. 

Some view life as separate from work - for others work is a substantial part of their life too.

For me having balance in life is when we feel good, contented, happy most of the time. If we don't feel good, having one life, we can consider change.

As a starting point, and by way of assessment, I would like to suggest that you spend a few minutes this weekend on a simple exercise that will help you to find the right balance for you.

There are 168 hours in the week. Work out approximately how you are spending your 168 hours currently in an average week and represent this on a pie chart. For example:

  • Sleep - 56 hours
  • Work - 50 hours
  • Driving / Travelling - 14 hours
  • Spending Time with Children - 7 hours
  • Spending Time with Partner - 7 hours
  • Meals Outside Working Hours - 7 hours
  • Reading - 8 hours
  • Social Networking / Emails / On-line - 10 hours
  • Friends and Family - 4 hours
  • Cleaning / Housework / Garden - 5 hours

What does the result tell you? What do you think you are missing which is important to you? What are you spending too much time on and are not happy about?

Develop your 'to be' 168 hours. What initial steps can you take in the next 24 hours, in the next week and in the next month to move closer to the 'work-life' balance that you want?

Wishing you a thought provoking balancing weekend.

Please let feel free to pass on your comments on this blog? Has it inspired you at all?

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