Thursday, 28 January 2021

Career Transition

 If during lockdown you have been contemplating a career change then this blog is for you.

The past months have created more uncertainty than most of us have ever experienced before.

They have also generated unprecedented changes in the ways that we live and work.

One of the benefits of remote working is opening up a massive opportunity in terms of careers.

Perhaps lockdown has facilitated your desire to do something different, for example, to meet your other responsibilities. 

Research correlates a number of factors with career satisfaction. Some of my work involves helping clients to diagnose what careers would work best for them in providing career satisfaction.

The starting point is work values. I would advise that you brainstorm your work values and then prioritise the top 5. For example, mine are health and wellbeing, learning and development, results, connection and freedom. 

Your next step is to consider some career options that come to mind that would meet your top 5 work values.

You may then research say the 3 career options that you think of. Perhaps one stands out as unrealistic and one just feels right. You can then start to think about the gap between where you are now and what you want to do in your career. Perhaps training or coaching is the next step.

I work through a number of other predictors of career satisfaction with you to help you to establish the best career fit for you.

For help in career transition please contact me via

Friday, 13 November 2020

If you have changed your work environment due to the C-19 pandemic please read on.

Perhaps you are now working mainly from home. Whilst there are benefits to you of this 'where' I am working, such as less commuting time, you may have started to notice some downsides such as sitting for long periods, not taking breaks and working more hours. 

I am working with several individuals just now to help them to adjust their daily habits so that they feel more in control of their thinking and their behaviour.

One lady is working on her eating and exercise habits using a plan that she put together last month with my support. The plan is tailored to her personality and the way she works as well as sugary snack substitutions that she enjoys just as much!

Working from home, albeit often with a virtual communication network can feel lonely and disconnected.

I am working with clients to make small as well as pleasant changes that address the impact of the new working from home model.

Personal development is the best thing that you can do for your wellbeing, helping you to master your psychology and improve your physical health, due to your mind-body connection.

If you would like help and support on your personal development journey, please get in touch in the first instance via, sharing a bit about what you would like to address.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Be Yourself Now

 If you are fed up with being told what to do, this blog is for you.

There are times when being told what to do is necessary, for example the rules we are required to follow with respect to COVID-19. Another example would be to stay within the law. Another to meet the operational needs of a business such as health and safety. In leadership terms this would be the autocratic approach.

Other times, such as being given well meant advice by friends and family, being told what to do can confuse us.

We know that when we are advised the brain actually pushes back and this can be experienced as anything from slight irritation to not listening at all.

Sitting with a professional coach and counsellor you can work on the relationship that you have with yourself, what you are drawn to, what gives you satisfaction, how you are feeling in situations. Reflecting in this way will help you to find solutions for yourself and be more authentic.

Your coach will provide a non-judgmental space  without interjecting, rather listening, completely present, holding the space whilst you reflect on your highs and lows. They will also encourage you and help you to see that setbacks are normal, supporting you through your 3 steps forward and a step back, or two!

My favourite is deep work where we get to equip you with the beliefs and values that will support you to move towards and achieve the outcomes that you want.

If you want to get to know yourself better with the freedom to be yourself, invite yourself to grow and develop by working with me, please get in touch via and start by telling me a bit about you.

Friday, 24 July 2020

Career Review

If lockdown has created shifts in your thinking about your career then this blog is for you.

Perhaps time spent at home has shifted your priorities and thinking about your existing role and other options.

For example, if home working is a viable option in your career, perhaps you are thinking that you could cast your career net wider in terms of business base. Travelling distance for say one or two days a week may be feasible for you within this home dominating business model.

You may have saved more money than usual due to less travelling and homemade lunches. Could you follow a calling that may pay less than your old role, managing due to lower outgoings?

Lockdown has surpassed the ninety day guideline for how long it takes to change habits. I was reading in the news that approximately sixty percent of Americans will not be returning to their old gym routine, having found cheaper on-line or no cost alternatives such as walking and gardening.

Businesses are likely to be more receptive to home working where this works and can potentially reduce costs through say less building space.

Perhaps you have itchy feet but no calling yet or are unsure where you would be happiest in a career. The majority spend so much time at work so it makes sense that we enjoy it most of the time. Life is short...

At West of England Coaching and Counselling we specialise in career transition. Your coaching and counselling typically begins with a career diagnostic. This is a transformative process, looking at your work personality, skills preferences and values and aligning these with a few career options. If you have never undertaken such an assessment, maybe your time is now.

We also help you with acquiring skills necessary for a career move such as confidence and motivation. Helping you to present your best CV and interview capability is also on offer.

If you would like to know more please get in touch for an initial consultation through