Monday, 19 March 2012

Business Networking Tips - Need To Network But Avoiding It?

Are you in a role where you would benefit from networking but usually find yourself avoiding it?

If so read on as I hope I can provide you with some good tips for successful networking.

A lot of your confidence - and even enjoyment - in relation to networking develops from having a good networking strategy which gets you results.

Start by developing a one-minute pitch and have it ready to tell people about your services in a concise and interesting way.

Always start with a hook, something compelling which people will listen and which describes how your services are of benefit to them. For example, 'I help you to change your behaviours so that you consistently enjoy your work and personal life'.

Start to think about where your target markets can be found - for example, meetings and events for people working in the key areas where your services are required - and add these events to your business plan.

Always take your business cards to events and swap them with people in your target market and make sure you follow every lead up.

If someone expresses an interest in you, ask if you can contact them in the next week to talk a bit more and always deliver on your promises. Make a note in your diary to phone if you have said that you will.

One of the most important protocols when networking is to always establish rapport before you talk business because building a good relationship is a key precursor to good business management.

Another more subtle tactic is to make sure that you thank the people who hosted the meeting or event and  shared their contacts with you because this will help you to be remembered which has got to be a good thing.

There are also some behaviours to consciously avoid when you are networking so instead try the following:

  • Ask questions rather than espousing - dominating the conversation is not popular.
  • Ask questions which establish what the client needs whereas assuming that you already know everything about their business by telling them so is not helpful at all.
  • Waiting for people to approach you is not going to work so be proactive so take a deep breath and chat to as many people as possible.

Please leave a message once you are networking to let me know how you are getting on and if this blog has helped you in any way.

Alternatively, if you'd like further help on this or another issue networking issue please get in touch via our website at West of England Coaching and Counselling.


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