Monday, 26 March 2012

Small- To Medium-Sized Business Growth

Are you the CEO or MD of a small- to medium-sized business with ambitions to grow your business?

I have been working with your peer group to help them to create high-performing organisations with the structure appropriate for the whole team to drive the business forward in a dynamic way.

How am I doing this?

We start by working out a programme which involves the whole senior management team with the aim that all senior stakeholders are actively engaged in creating a high-performing organisation.

The following are the key areas for you to focus on and begin to develop in order to start building your high-performing organisation and position it for growth:
  1. A vision which all your staff can remember and relate to
  2. A set of values which blend what is important to your customers and employees
  3. A business strategy which delivers your vision and values
  4. A clear and objective performance and talent management infrastructure
  5. Ways of working that are simple and yet deliver results, such as, a common language for giving and receiving feedback
Your investment of time and money in focusing on these 5 core areas will deliver business growth.

On previous blogs I have covered vision, values and feedback and on future blogs I will cover how to develop a robust business strategy and a clear and objective performance management infrastructure so watch this space.

If this blog has developed your thinking at all please leave a comment or if there are other topics that you would like a blog on.

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  1. You are great on planning and managing on how business will be successful,i agree to this term "Ways of working that are simple and yet deliver results, such as, a common language for giving and receiving feedback" that was a very good idea for me.Good job.

  2. When my business grew over the time, I realized we needed a new erp software to support our management processes. After the implementation of dynamics 365 for operations I can see how much we were missing out on!