Sunday, 15 July 2012

Can you lead your business like the British Army?

What can you learn from the ways of working in the British Army that will help you to improve the way you lead your business?

Why take advice on leadership from the British Army? Because for the British Army leadership is about success or failure - life or death.

Operational day to day leadership success is predicated, according to Major General Gerry Berragan CB [Director General for Personnel] speaking at HRD 2012 on 'How to develop great leaders', on well trained and highly motivated individuals operating as empowered teams, along with a lot of other teams to achieve a common purpose.

The British Army must grow their own leaders - they cannot go to the marketplace to buy in junior commanders - so developing leaders is core business.

The Director General went on to say that teams are their most cohesive where values are shared and trust is implicit. Leadership will thrive under these conditions.

The army's six core values are courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment.

How do these values apply in your own business?

For example, do you have the courage to believe in yourself, develop new ideas and go out and get work?

Do you have the discipline to motivate yourself and structure each day so that you are spending your time doing what matters most?

Do you show respect for your customers and staff, communicating professionally and courteously at all times?

Do you have integrity to do what you say you will do?

Are you loyal to your customers?

Do you focus on the greater good through your business?

I hope that answering these questions helps you to think differently about what to do to move forwards with your business.

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