Sunday, 29 July 2012

Do you want to gain Insight?

If you are interested in improving your well-being and achieving inner peace then this blog is for you.

The key to your experiencing true joy I think is to step out of your brain's mental chatter and thinking.

Your circuitry is still there even if you feel that you have lost the ability to experience joy.

The following three tips can help you to develop your insight and your joy again.

1. Use your senses whenever you think of this blog to bring yourself into the present moment - what can I see? what can I hear? what do I feel? how do I feel to be here doing this? Notice smells and tastes to ground yourself in the now. How do you feel now? You can heighten this experience by noticing and paying attention to the gentle rise and fall of your breaths.

2. Drop your ego by focusing out on what is going on around you rather than introspecting and a shift in your perspective will occur. When we feel low we are often negatively introspecting about the past or negatively forecasting the future.

3. Know that your brain is elastic and malleable so when you do positive activities such as helping someone out you can expand the positive part of your mind.

Once you have practised these three tips for a fortnight let me know how you get on.

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