Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Do you want to improve your business?

If you want to improve your business results then this blog is for you.

How your customers perceive you impacts your reputation, whether your customers continue to use you and whether they refer you also.

What are you doing to enhance your professional reputation?

For example do you have customer driven values that you and your staff live to each day, such as having a twenty four hour turnaround time for all service enquiries?

Your reputation is part of your unique selling point, what differentiates you from your competitors.

If you have a good reputation and this is something that you continue to build with your customers and other stakeholders such as your staff then your business will improve.

If you are not sure what to do to improve your reputation you may be at risk of damaging your business in the short and longer term.

To start with you can get some advice from an experienced consultant or business coach who can help you to develop in writing your business goals and objectives and help you to get a good return on your investment in business coaching.

This blog is an invitation to you to review your professional reputation by asking your customers and staff for their views.

Some of the feedback will be positive in response to 'what so we do well?' and if you have worded the feedback request well you will also invite views on 'what could we do better?'

Providing a response to the feedback providers is essential - what action are you taking as a result of their feedback?

For many of the issues you will be able to make the required actions happen.

There may be some areas where you would like the support and/or direction of an experienced business coach.

Please do let me know how you go and for all of your business coaching needs please visit

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