Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Stressful to calmer?

If you recognise that your stress levels are becoming a problem for you then please read on.

You know that stress is your adverse reaction to excessive pressures from you and/or others or other demands on you by you and/or others.

Do you need to be less of a perfectionist and work on being OK with being good enough?

Other areas to explore I think that may help you in developing a different reaction to thoughts and other people's demands of you are:

1. Can you label your thoughts as just thoughts and maybe think something else? Could this help you to lighten up a bit about the small stuff that you stress about?

2.Can you notice when you are stressed what the triggers are and either change where you are or how you react? How do you want to react? Can you practice doing just that. For example if your boss gives you too much work can you suggest that you prioritise the tasks set and agree timescales together?

3. Can you work on your communication skills so that you are assertive in expressing what you need with yourself and with others? Listen to what someone asks of you and say what you really can do and when by.

4. Can you admit to yourself that you may need to re balance your life so that you take responsibility in each area. For example, spend less time working so that you can take your share of the school run, rather than feeling stressed every time your partner asks you to?

5. Do you need to work on your decision making strategy so that you feel less stressed about making the wrong important decision? A good starting point for this is 'Edward de Bono's six thinking hats'.

6. Are you doing too much rather than delegating some tasks at home and at work? What could you delegate to feel less stressed? For example the cleaning and ironing which you do not enjoy and would rather spend the time doing something for you.

If you have found this to be useful to you then please leave a comment.

What works for you?

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