Saturday, 4 August 2012

Want to improve your results in work, in life?

If you have been struggling with moving forwards in work due to organisational change or in your life due to changes in personal circumstances such as a relationship break-up, then the following eight tips may help you.

1. Enjoy the now. Mindfulness is often cited as a help aid for you if you are feeling low. By focusing on what you see right now, what you hear right now, what you taste and smell right now you feel truly alive. Perhaps best of all focusing on what you are feeling right now and just accepting this, even if you feel stressed, helps you to calm down - it will pass.

2. Stop and become aware of your breathing for a few minutes - follow the gentle rise and fall of your breath without trying to control it.

3. Think about what you are grateful for each day - small things like the character of your pet or big things like your health.

4. When you are experiencing change in your life self-care is particularly important. Subconsciously we often do unkind things to our body and mind such as eating junk food and taking too much on. What have you done to care for yourself today? A walk, a healthy meal perhaps?

5. Look positively towards the future. Focus on 'am I doing my best for me and my family right now?' If not, decide to do it differently and take an action step each day towards this.

6. Trust yourself. Unexpected changes bring challenges that can leave you feeling anxious about your future. Life is all about change and nothing is permanent. Trust that you can handle and cope with anything that faces you and comes along expected or otherwise.

7. Rather than juggling lots of things, move flexibly - picture a tree with a strong trunk and roots that go deep into the ground, with branches and leaves that move. That means accepting change and keeping moving. This is a lot easier than juggling.

8. Aim for standards that are good enough, rather than perfect. Perfect employees, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, friends, neighbours etc. do not exist. Focus on being the best version of yourself that you can be. Yes, you are human and you are flawed so sometimes you will make mistakes that you can learn from to guide your future actions.

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