Monday, 26 November 2012

Leadership Coaching For You

If you are an executive either working for a small or large organisation or working for yourself then you will want to be continuously developing yourself professionally including how you lead yourself and others.

I am writing this blog to share with you my top five tips that can help you on your development journey in a way that leads you to better results.

1. Start by defining your DNA - who are you and what do you value? Precisely articulating what is important to you including what you want to achieve, when and how, will help you to build your trust in yourself and you will feel motivated.

2. Start to define challenging objectives that will stretch you out of your comfort zone into your learning zone and help you to grow - you will rise to the challenge and perhaps surprise yourself and be proud of yourself.

3. If you lack direction or want support on your journey recognise when coaching with a professional coach would be your best step forward to help you to achieve results that may not be possible alone, not least because we are never completely objective about ourselves.

4. As you learn along the way share what you acquire with your team and this will help you to achieve better team results. As leaders emerge use your best people to train and develop others which will also help with succession planning.

5. Know when you are winning and celebrate your successes - monitor achievements and measure against your objectives/business plan to ensure you are achieving your intended outcomes. Be transparent with yourself and your team and focus on delivering results.

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