Friday, 9 November 2012

Looking for a Career that fulfils you?

If you want to find fulfilment in your work then this blog may help to channel your thinking.

Start by thinking about what your strengths are and what makes you feel good about life.

If you do not know the answer to this, what makes you feel alive, happy, positive and good about you it may be helpful to you to keep a diary fo ra few weeks.

At the end of each day, before bed, write down what the best things were that happened to you that day. Also record what you did not enjoy or were not so keen on.

After a few weeks reflect on what you have written. You may have been doing things that create negative emotions for you.

What can you do do you think to shift the balance in favour of those things that occupy your time that really work for you, that you are good at and enjoy.

Is there anything in your diary or otherwise that you were particularly moved by?

This might lead you towards your passion.

Perhaps changing your job right now might be difficult.

Try to focus on smaller things to start with that you can change such as spending more time with family or friends.

Also watch spontaneous reactions as thinking that the grass is greener can be as bad as staying in an unhappy work role and can result in continued frustration long after the initial feel good factor of leaving an unhappy job has lapsed.

What to do?

Research carefully and fully before you make the change.

Even better get some professional help with diagnosis, CV tailoring and cover letter scribing to increase your chances of fulfilment and success.

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