Saturday, 9 February 2013

Are your People Management Skills up to scratch?

If you are running a business with people working for you then your level of success will largely be down to your people management skills.

The short test I write here for you will help to point you in the direction of opportunities to improve your people management skills and in turn improve the profitability of your business.

1. Is your knowledge appropriately passed on to others through the best level of delegation?

2. Do you organise and run your team well with aligned goals, clear behavioural and role requirements and specific objectives?

3. Do you manage people empathically?

4. Is your management style calm?

5. Does your team sometimes socialise together to engender team spirit?

6. Does your team have complimentary strengths with a balance of personalities - some drivers, some creative thinkers, some people and others task focused analytical thinkers?

Your task now is to identify the one area from this short diagnostic where if you were to address it would have the single most positive impact on your people management skills and hence the profitability of your business.

Ask yourself what ideas you have for achieving in this area.

Perhaps use some criteria to assess which idea to action such as cost and time.

Now prioritise your actions and do each one in turn over a realistic time period.

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