Monday, 1 September 2014

Anxiety About Changing?

If you find yourself having the same conversation with yourself and/or others about what you want to change and not having successfully achieved the change, please read on.

What you want is a conscious choice. Consider the question 'what do I want?' for a minute and write it all down.

Run through the list. Mark a cross by the side of those items which you have wanted for some time but not achieved and then prioritise them. Say the top one is to do more exercise.

The problem is that the things sabotaging your success and getting you to not do exercise are subconscious factors. For example, one of your beliefs, stored subconsciously, is that exercise is hard work, more pain than pleasure. Beliefs are powerful determinants of behaviour. So to change you must have beliefs that work in favour of the change that you want to make such as 'I believe I will have so much more energy' from doing more exercise which will make me feel more alive and want to engage more in life which is why I am get the idea.

We know that for change to happen well and be sustained the current experience must be painful and the anticipate future, what's the worst most painful thing about not doing exercise, for example, 'I feel really sluggish....which sets of a cycle of not doing exercise!' and what is the most pleasurable thing about doing an exercise that you enjoy? 'I get to be outside walking because that's my exercise of choice because when I walk I find it easiest to be in the moment when I feel calm'.

I wish you all the best in making that change that you know will have gthe biggest positive impact on your life.

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