Friday, 19 September 2014

Career/Job Health Check

Did you choose your career/job based on your values and what you enjoy or did you fall into your role?

We spend a huge chunk of our waking hours at work and thinking about work outside of work and talking about work to the people in our life.

If you hate your work and have done for some time then here are some questions to ask yourself and answer honestly to start the process of moving forwards positively

- why do you hate your work? what are the three key issues that upset you the most causing you sleepless nights or frequent rants to your partner/mother/siblings?
- what if anything past or present was/is fun, rewarding, felt exciting?
- what needs do you have in your work that are not being met? For example you like to be autonomous, whilst your boss is very directive?
- come up with ideas for possible improvements - ask what if? It is unlikely that you can completely change your role though perhaps you could speak to your boss about taking on new and different projects or responsibilities that are more suited to your values and what is important to you now.
- what suits me and my skills?
- what would feel like fulfilling work?
- can I delegate things that weigh me down and drain my energy because I am not good at them?

If you are certain that you want to change careers but do not know what you do want to do ask yourself

- what is important to me?
- what did I love doing when I was growing up?
- what magazine would I buy?
- what am I doing when I feel most energised?
- whose job do I envy?

Then go and spend some time doing 'possible jobs' - ask colleagues what their job is like, offer to work with them for free and get on the job experience of what it is really like to do that job - 'the good and the bad'. This is a great way to learn about you, what you like, what your 'must haves' are as well as what you are prepared to trade. For example, a must is a thirty minute maximum commute and you are prepared to trade on salary.

If you would like to have professional help and support to help you in your career please get in contact through or call us on 01761 237400.

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