Thursday, 4 September 2014

Getting What You Want

If you are interested in getting what you want but are unsure as to where to start and how to go about this big area of your life please read on.

Before we start it's interesting to know that research strongly indicates that when we help others and connect with those others this helps us to achieve what we want in terms of how we feel, pretty good.
So when you are using your creative mind to explore what you want it might help to bear this in mind.

Right, if you were to wave a realistic magic wand what would you have, be and do in the following areas of your life

1. In your work
2. You personally
3. With others

Research suggests that these are the 3 core areas of our life and if we achieve what we want in these areas we will be pretty happy. All good so far.

The next area to explore is how we go about achieving what we want. The main issue here is overcoming our internal critic, the area that stems from the unconscious mind which houses limiting belief and decisions. For example, you may want to get really healthy but your belief is that every time you try you last a few days at most then go back to old habits.

What can you do about this? One tip is to work at the level of your identity and start to see yourself in your mind's eye as a healthy person doing healthy things like eating whole foods primarily. Rehearsing this image of yourself every day works to 'rewire' old patterns of thing and create new neural pathways. If you repeat this action for a month you will likely experience habit change, if you are committed and the old pain of being unhealthy is sufficiently limiting that you want a new way of being and doing.

It is sometimes hard to articulate what you specifically want. Even harder to make the change and maintain it.

If you would like support in making changes to achieve what you want we are here to help you.

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