Wednesday, 24 September 2014

To develop yourself or not to develop yourself....that is the question

If you think that coaching is for poor performers to address remedial issues, please read on and be prepared to think again...

Often senior leaders seek out a coach to work with because they have the decision making authority and budget. These individuals also know that with a good coach they will accelerate their development and lead their teams to achieve good or even great results.

Equally often leaders are referred for coaching. Here there is often concern that they are not appreciated for their strengths and what they are already achieving. I can empathise with this. The immediate question is 'what is wrong with me all of a sudden?' particularly if you have been working with your line manager for some time.

Having relationships with all stakeholders in the coaching process, I have found that referring managers usually value the individual highly. In fact it is because of this value that individuals are referred - to build on their achievements with new ways of thinking and doing things that will help them to be even more effective at work.

When we ask for and receive feedback it can be seen as free development.

When we are referred for coaching it can be seen as a good opportunity to start to address those development needs that will help us perform at our best, in a calm, confident and effective way.

So if you get the opportunity to be coached I would advise that you grab it with both hands. We all have development needs, areas of our performance that can be improved upon. What are yours?

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