Thursday, 16 October 2014

Leadership Coaching

If you are a leader working within an organisation this blog is for you  as part of updating your leadership knowledge and application.

The latest thinking is that leadership is to be acknowledged, developed and harnessed at every level of an organisation whether you are a team member, manager or director.

Whether you are a director of your own small business or an employed director or manager what are you doing to encourage all of your team members to lead?

For example at Honda, collective leadership has a name - waigaya - here all ideas are welcomed regardless of rank. Honda claim that this approach has led to improvements in productivity and performance.

Could you be doing more to encourage all staff to discuss ideas and issues that could impact the performance of the company, negatively or positively?

Research shows that most people learn best by doing. When was the last time that you challenged yourself to work with a leader from a different area of the business or in another business to see what resources they use to solve problems and make decisions?

Leadership guru Simon Sinek believes all effective leaders communicate in the same way, an approach he names the 'golden circle'.  He says that these leaders focus on the why before that what or how. This is backed up by neuroscience  - we make many decisions with our emotional mind or limbic system which is responsible for feelings like trust and knowing when something feels right.

Susan Cain in 'Quiet' says that leaders need not be loud, that good leaders listen a lot and prioritise others.

Body language and how you project yourself to others impacts how you are perceived as a leader. Having strong posture and physiology can also help with stress and decision making. For example, centring your body by taking long deep breaths helps you to focus on now and to project strong presence.

What are your leadership challenges and how can you use this blog to enhance your leadership?

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