Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Feeeling Negative about your Work or Life as a whole?

When we are negative it is difficult to cope and be motivated - is this something that you have been experiencing?

According to research about 90% of our thoughts have some negative content.

We cannot stop negative thoughts as they are part of our psychological inheritance.

What we can do is let them come and go without analysis, without judgement.

Thoughts are not real. They are stories that we tell ourselves.

If you feel upset, ask yourself what you were analysing and judging. Stop it.

Perhaps see your thoughts like choosing a radio station - which thoughts do I find it helpful to tune into  and so decide which not to engage in. This is a relief and easier than trying to override negative thoughts with positive ones.

With the time you save from analysing negative thoughts choose something that you like to do, that has value for you.

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