Friday, 28 November 2014

Tips to get past any bad mental habits

Bad mental habits can negatively affect our performance and results during the day - is this you?

We could be forgiven for bad mental habits when we consider the amount of negative messages that hit our brain daily.

Our day might start by listening to 'more bad news on the radio' as the song lyric goes, then opening the bills, then listening to work colleagues complain about some work related matter.

That doesn't mean it's helpful or necessary.

As you become aware of your negative internal dialogue and what you say to the people around you, you will notice your own negativity and how it makes you feel.

We get into sticky situations, as one client put it recently, when we have negative thoughts about something. Ask yourself 'is this thought helpful?' and if it is a no, avoid the temptation of following the thought ie analysing it.

Instead do your own meditation exercise at your desk just focusing on your in and out breaths for a few minutes to centre yourself.

Or do something instead that you want to do rather than focusing on your thoughts and feelings - 'what can I do right now that means something to me?'

This is particularly useful if you find yourself thinking negatively about the past or future. It helps you to focus on your now. If you can focus on something right now that is connected to your values you will feel calm and focused. You are using your own internal wisdom to just enjoy right now.

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