Friday, 12 December 2014

Independent Small Business Self-Coaching Approach

Are you an independent small business owner or partner?

Has your business growth plateaued or declined?

We work with you and your team to achieve sales growth whatever the economic situation.

You can start the process off  yourself by considering the following questions. You can then either take action on your own or, if you feel that you would benefit from expert support, commission us to work with you. One area that clients find particularly useful is developing leadership behaviours.

1. What is the direction and focus of my/our business?

2. What strategic actions do I/we need to take to achieve the direction and focus of the business?

3. What is the best environment for this business?

4. What behaviours and skills need to be acquired to grow this business?

5. What values and beliefs do we share for this business?

One tip is to ask your staff for their views on what's good, what needs work and what ideas they have for growing the business.

If this proves a useful exercise let us know. If you would like to meet to see if we can help grow your small business please get in touch via

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