Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Manage your Wellbeing at Work

Do you often find yourself blaming work for your lack of well being, whether that be stress or maybe a lack of control on aspects of your life such as your weight?

This can leave you feeling that life is a constant fight or battle that you are reacting to.

The most authoritative review of scientific research about wellbeing tells us that we will experience greater wellbeing if we do 5 actions: connect, give, learn, move and notice.

We also know from research that we are better able to maintain changes if we make those changes in baby steps.

Today, what about focusing on one small action of connecting, giving, learning, moving or noticing, whilst at work?

For example, you might decide to notice using your senses whenever you think of this during your day and respond intuitively to what comes up such as letting go of your breath or stretching your neck.

Perhaps you can focus on one small action from each of the five actions for one working week.

What do you notice at the end of the week? Mentally? Physically? Any small shifts worth building on?

If stress and/or lack of control is something that you would like to address with help please get in touch via enquiries@westofenglandcoachingandcounselling.co.uk

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