Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Are you Stressed?

If you are suffering executive stress then you are not alone. Please read on.

Executive psychological health is under increasing strain.

We know that the majority of executives rarely report their stress, often ignore it and do not do anything positive to address it.

We also know that executives are more likely to self-medicate with alcohol or food, rather than do healthy habits instead such as exercise or meditation.

Stress is not something that executives talk openly about in the workplace. However, I am finding that my clients do share their stress at their coaching sessions. This means that we can start to address it.

Image management and ego are two key reasons why executives may not admit to stress being an issue. We are encouraged to project a strong self-image and that stress is 'for wimps'.

Your coaching session may be the only place where you are comfortable to unburden yourself of your stressors and safe in the knowledge that you will not be judged negatively for it.

Through honest meaningful discussion about the triggers, resources, support and tools to address it we can reduce your stress at least to manageable levels. These can also help you to be proactive so they are there for you at times of stress.

If you are suffering from stress it is a good idea to discuss this with your GP.

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