Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Why would I want to work with a business coach?

If you have been thinking about goals that you would like to achieve but have not got started on them or have some obstacles that have left you feeling stuck or putting the goals on hold please read on.

It is entirely normal in my experience for you to feel this way.

For one thing, there is your 'life as usual' to get on with and you may feel that you do not have the time or energy in your day to work towards goals albeit things that you would really like to do.

It is common to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of a goal because it is just that, a broad statement of intent. Until we break your goal down into achievable bite sized chunks or objectives, the goal just seems 'too much'.

A good coach will help you to get really clear on your goal(s) and then your objectives plus an action plan that is achievable, realistic and time framed to fit in with your life. A good analogy is that it is more realistic to have an eating plan that fits in with your being away from home than one which relies on you preparing everything yourself.

A good coach will be your conscience and hold you to account on your commitments including homework.

A good coach will have a process and structure that will help you get from where you are now to achieve your goals in an enjoyable way.

A good coach will have key skills such as asking the right questions, listening actively and empathy.

Research shows that working with a coach often saves time and avoids procrastination.

Life is meant to be progressive. We are by our natures goal focused.

If it is more important to you to progress yourself rather than standing still and possibly stagnating, please get in touch via