Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Making Changes in your life

Change is a scary concept for most people who fear it, fighting it with excuses or running away from it.

So why would you bother?

Lack of change or addiction to the current state freezes you. You do not develop or learn the skills by trial and error of having experiences and learning from them. You do not find out what it is you want and how to go about getting it by relating with other people. You short circuit all of that and go for the immediate relief, that button that says this feels good, over and over again. You can wake up at 45 years of age and still feel the same as you did as a teenager.

There will always be mixed feelings - the pros and cons of your changing.

Any change is often slow and painful as few are willing to let go of the familiar, even if inaccurate values and views. Resistance to change or growth is considerable.

Some people would rather die than alter those belief systems that keep them stuck in dysfunctional behaviours.

We do of course have free choice and so a considerable potential to achieve whatever we focus upon. But growth and change are irregular and non-linear. One's range of choice is limited by one's vision and expectations - I will fail, therefore I do.

Willingness and high intent open up your mind. We start by feeling safe and secure enough for change.

When we initially experience the benefits of change we may be euphoric. This is often followed by a plateau or lack of expected progress, with some relapse to old behaviours. For example the individual who sheds weight for the first few weeks of a new eating plan and then stops doing what works.

A roller coaster of emotions is suffered by the individual who tackles their addiction.

Building your confidence, self-esteem and self-love, keeping things simple and living in the moment are key ingredients for achieving and maintaining changes that you make in your life.

Great coaches are sought after to help you to achieve the changes you really want to make because our influence inspires maximum effort and results.

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