Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Thinking of changing your Career?

If you are thinking about changing your career then this blog is for you.

Research suggests that more than half of UK workers are unhappy in their current jobs.

The career guidance that we received at school is outdated.

Little wonder most people are overwhelmed by how to get started in taking action to move forward in their career.

Questions include 'am I headed in the right direction, is now a good time to change, am I qualified to do anything else? can I make a living working for myself?'

The big questions include, 'what is my destiny, what do I really want to do, what am I doing with my life, what would fulfil me and give me meaning?'

Indecision is rife and does not make you feel secure.

I suggest that your starting point is asking yourself what you are motivated to do and what is holding you back from this.

There are no jobs for life anymore so whatever your issue - wanting more work life balance, to work for yourself or find a new employed role that fits with your values now - we all need to accept career change.

You are not on your own in this. You can do your own research and reading and make use of digital coaches if that appeals to you.

When you are looking at your career options it can feel lonely just like when you run a business on your own.

Sometimes you need a boost, some support and help to guide you on your path.

I firmly advocate face to face one on one coaching and counselling for you in your career. It is real and the connection with your coach is an important part of your results.

Life is too short to do a job you hate.

If you would like to know more please get in touch via or call 01761 237400.