Monday, 7 December 2015

Off work with Stress?

If you are off work/suffering with stress at work and would like to discuss how to move forwards with an Occupational Psychologist then this blog is for you.

We are currently working with a number of individuals who have been off work with work related stress. Discussions have included how to handle work meetings with a current employer, how to handle conversations with new employers about a period of work related stress as well as career coaching.

Harvard Business School with Stanford University have carried out research recently that found low job control to be the biggest influence on stress and life expectancy for men and women.

Our own findings are that the majority of clients are coming to us overwhelmed by workload due to resource constraints. Despite having made a case for extra resources they are unable to influence the decision makers. This has resulted in our clients experiencing stress related symptoms including negative thought patterns, sleeping problems and panic attacks.

Still other clients have reported over compensating for lack of resources by working long hours and sometimes requesting holiday at short notice without explanation then using the holiday to 'catch up'.

We help our clients to prepare for conversations with line managers, including challenging unreasonable and unmanageable workloads. We also assist you in prioritisation, increasing your resilience and self confidence through one to one coaching.

Some clients move forward with a career change that draws on what they are good at and enjoy. Your career coaching starts with a diagnostic looking at your personality preferences plus other relevant factors.

From a blank sheet of paper we arrive at two to three career options for us to consider and research in more detail.

The final stage of career coaching includes action to move you into your new role, such as CV tailoring, speculative role applications and interview preparation.

If you are feeling stuck and somewhat stressed and would like to discuss this, please e mail us at, including a summary of how you are feeling and what would help you at this time.