Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Business Owner Coaching

Are you a business owner who is interested in continuous self improvement? If you are then please read on.

We work with others like you to help with continuous development including helping with upskilling particularly in areas that make a positive difference to your business as well as you such as people management.

For example we are currently working with a number of independent business owners helping them to improve the performance of their people. There is an old adage that 'what gets measured gets managed' and we are helping them to set 'stretch' and achievable targets for their staff alongside providing on the job development support.

We often work with business owners one on one or one to two if you have a business partner. You will have your own stuff that you want to work on such as time or workload management. You will also likely have joint areas to work on such as agreeing the boundaries of each of your roles, shared goals and the way that you communicate with each other.

Working with an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled business coach is the experience of:

- your learning and developing on the fast track as, unlike a training course, the coaching is tailored to you
- having a trusted confidante with whom you can discuss practically anything, personal and professional
- having space to work through your priorities with someone who listens, reflects back and asks good questions to help you to think, sometimes differently in a good way
- working through a coaching process that helps you to get the outcomes that you want
- enjoying developing yourself, your skills and your business.

Individuals with a coach are often interested in continuous development rather than just achieving one set of objectives. They believe in lifelong learning. If this appeals to you and you are ready and willing to be coached, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

You can reach us on 01761 237400 or via enquiries@westofenglandcoachingandcounselling.co.uk

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