Friday, 11 March 2016

Calling all Lone Business Leaders

If you are the most senior person in your business and you feel lonely in your role please read on.

According to AXA PPP healthcare, owners of small and medium businesses often feel alone when facing the pressures of running a business. In our experience this is also true of senior executives working for an organisation. This can lead to anxiety and long working hours that put your health at risk.

The AXA survey of December 2015 found that nearly two thirds of respondents have to make challenging decisions alone and over 40% would like more support.

Keeping customers and clients happy was cited as a key pressure issue along with cash flow and regulatory compliance. The biggest area of support need was cited as business planning and improving performance/sales. Other areas where you want support are leadership, communication and dealing with difficult people.

The majority of you receive some support from family members, other directors or business partners or staff. 10% of you say that you have no one to help you.

In our view even if you have some help the quality of this help may be lacking. For example, family members, whilst well meaning, may lack the resources and skills to assist you properly. Fellow directors and staff may, even subconsciously, be driven to advise you based on their own agendas.

Having your own confidential, experienced, trained, objective, skilled business coach offers you a resource that you can trust to discuss and help you to manage and resolve even the most challenging of business scenarios.

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