Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Career enhancer: Managing your Boss

If your career and well being would benefit from a boost you may want to work on better managing your boss. The point is that managing your boss is to make your life better.

You would do well to focus on you first, building your confidence in your strengths and what you bring to the business. This will help you to be strong enough psychologically to derive the best relationship with your boss.

Think about your values and how they align with the business as well as your strengths. A great on line resource to help you with this is viacharacter.org.

Step two is to become an expert on your boss. What do they value most? What takes priority? Likely they will have a different map or view of the world as well as different ways of communicating and thinking from you. They may well have a different personality type and way of working. An understanding of how they tick can help to reduce frustration and increase empathy.

Responding to and initiating conversation with them in their preferred 'modes' can help to build and maintain rapport. A good place to start is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which you can start to research on line.

To achieve a better idea of what you want from your relationship with your boss and to help with discussions with your boss, you could also look at valuecards.efairplace.com

One word of caution is not to be too pushy with what you want. Choose your timing wisely and see the bigger picture.

For help with managing upwards and improving your most important work relationship, get in touch via enquiries@westofenglandcoachingandcounselling or 01761 237400.

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