Thursday, 30 June 2016

Lacking Career Direction?

If you are lacking career direction then please read on.

According to research only about twenty percent of us have career direction clarity. That is we are unclear about where we want to go in our careers! Considering that those of us who work spend a large percentage of our waking hours at work, this figure is rather alarming I think.

This blog offers suggestions on what to do to gain career direction clarity.

I suggest that you start by gathering information including what is important to you about work, what skills you enjoy using and are good at as well as aspects of your character relevant to work.

You may find it helpful to complete a personality questionnaire that will often provide pointers to the types of career for you to consider, that may or may not include your current career.

From here you can start to think about the qualifications, knowledge, skills and capabilities required for each type of career that interests you. This may help to narrow down your options, for example if returning to study is not an option for whatever reason.

Working environment is very important when it comes to work satisfaction. Where do you want to work? Not just the geographical location but right down to what you see when you look out of the window and what the space is around you.

What would you like your work identity to be? What really matters to you? Answers to these questions may narrow your work choice down to one particular sector, for example.

I hope that you find this exercise to be useful and would like to hear about what you discover.

Of course if you would like help and support with your career review or transition please get in touch via, by completing a contact us form at or by calling 01761 237400.