Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tips to Manage your Career better

If you are feeling somewhat frustrated with your career path then this blog is for you.

Since most of us spend a large percentage of our waking hours at work it makes sense to think extensively about what you want from your career. And, since life is short, to do it now.

Here are my five top tips of tasks that you can get stuck into today.

1. Tell people you are close to what you are thinking and feeling. As you speak you will start to process your thoughts and come up with some ideas and actions to move forwards with. People that you trust can also support you and ask you about how it is going along the way.

2. Reflect on your work to date. For example, when were you happiest? Where were you then? Who were you working with? What were you doing? What did you enjoy the most? How did it work for you? What patterns are emerging that give you insight into what you could do moving forwards?

3. Think about what energises and motivates you in your life. Synchronising this with your career choices is a must as employers and clients will be looking for enthusiasm from you.

4. Research the job market. For example talk to local recruitment agencies about what employers are looking for and go through sample job descriptions. Ask to speak to people who already do those roles about what they find good and less so!

5. Start your career action plan. For example set a time line for achieving your career goal, your broad statement of intent as well as specific objectives. To do your dream career you have to make it happen. What are your qualifications and skills gaps and what are the options for closing these gaps?

For help and support in improving your existing career path or transitioning to a new career, please get in touch via where we specialise in this area of your life.

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