Friday, 30 December 2016

New Year, New Job

If you are thinking of making a career change in 2017, please read on.

This post is designed to help you to reflect on your wanting a new career this coming year.

Please reflect on the following questions to help you to ratify your decision to change careers.

What are you looking for in your new career that is either absent or in short supply in your current career?

What skills do you enjoy using that will be optimised in your new career?

What values will your new career satisfy?

Are there any of your top five work values that are unlikely to be satisfied in your new career?

Who will you be working with in your new career and how do you feel about this?

Where will you be working?

When do you plan to make this change?

What actions do you need to take in order to make this happen and when does each action need to be done?

How will you be working? For example, with a clear job description or something more fluid?

Why are you wanting this new career? What will it give you?

Answering these questions honestly will help you to make your final decision.

If you would like support in this process or with your career research or with CV and application writing and interview preparation, please get in touch:

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